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Are you in a band? Or are you the next super-duper solo artist? Make your voice heard in Rockfest! Simply sign up through this page, upload your music, logo, name and short information about yourself or your combo. Then head over to Google Play or the Apple AppStore and download the festival tycoon game Rockfest.

All songs uploaded through this page will become part of the game. People all over the world will listen to your stuff, and if you are as awesome as you think you are, vote you up in the charts and even book your (virtual) band for their personal ingame GIGs!

Sounds sweet? It is! Register now!

Important note: If you, your band colleagues or any part of your music stand in any connection to a collecting society, sorry! You aren’t allowed to participate. In such a case please refrain from any upload to our game. For more details, please check the detailed terms and conditions!

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